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Wholesale Fund Managers

Sophie Grace experience establishing a range of wholesale funds for our clients.

We can help you through all aspects of establishing and maintaining your wholesale fund.




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Wholesale Fund Managers

Licensing: If you intend to operate a wholesale fund as the trustee, you will be required to hold an AFSL.

Disclosure: Wholesale funds are not required to issue a PDS.  You will need to prepare and issue an information memorandum to all investors in the fund.  The information memorandum sets out a variety of information regarding the fund, including:

  • key features of the fund including distributions, liquidity, redemption of units, withdrawal from the fund and complaints;
  • the assets the fund will invest in and how these assets will be valued;
  • information about the investment manager and how the fund will be managed;
  • information about the trustee and custodian;
  • the risks associated with the fund;
  • fees and expenses;
  • how to invest in the fund.

Registration: Wholesale funds are not required to be registered with ASIC.

We can prepare, review or amend:

  • trust deeds and constitutions;
  • information memoranda;
  • investor subscription agreements; and
  • outsourcing agreements including investment management, custody and fund administration agreements.