“Money makes the world go round”


Economy Class (G8) 2005

This work called ‘Economy Class’ by James Dorahy is a part of the ‘Colour speaks louder than words’ exhibition which is currently on display in our new offices. This work, which currently hangs in our boardroom, was originally commissioned for the collection of Goldman Sachs Sydney and is a series of eight. Another edition is in the trading room of Paterson Securities Sydney, and other editions are held by Private Collections. This edition in our boardroom is the last available!

This work was first exhibited in Economy Class Syndrome exhibition at ROOM 35 Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney. It has subsequently been exhibited in Lucky 7, the 2006 inaugural exhibition at James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney. This work was created as a continuation of the original light box Deadly 7 (Sins of the Son) 2004 which was an anchor work in the concept examined in the exhibition patronymic in 2004 at ROOM 35 Gitte Weise Gallery.

The investigation of the artist’s role in a consumerist culture was again explored in the development of this work for the collection of Goldman Sachs JB Were, Sydney. Based on the quote “Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round, Money makes the world go round, in the most delightful way” and with a wry sense of humour. James appropriated the symbols of the heaving hitting currencies of the G8 Nations, the yen, euro, and dollar to create the affirmation of the quote in the formulation of the word YES. This was a humourist aside and a fitting accompaniment to the themes examined in the exhibition Economy Class Syndrome, a pun if you like in the title (or lesson) of Economy Class (G8).The significance of this work in today’s current global crisis adds another level to its meaning.


Economy Class (G8) 2004
Lightbox, vinyl, powder-coated aluminium
49 x 49 cm
Edition # 8/8
$ 1,650

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