Training can be provided that will explain what money laundering and terrorism financing is and the regulatory requirements that must be complied with. It also includes a practical workshop to help you develop your risk based AML/CFT program.

It will give you the knowledge and skills to identify risks of financial services businesses being unwittingly involved in money laundering and or terrorism/financing and to prepare or update and AML/CFT program for the purposes of complying with the obligations of the Act.

At the conclusion of the workshop the participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the purpose of the AML/CFT Act
  2. Explain the roles of the 3 AML/CFT supervisory bodes in NZ
  3. Explain legal requirements around AML/CFT activities
  4. Describe and explain the framework of an effective risk management process; and
  5. Explain the essential features of an AML/CFT risk management program
  6. Review the Countries Assessment Guidelines and Designated Business Groups Guideline and understand the obligations therein.

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