EPM Investment Management Pty Ltd


Equity Portfolio Management (EPM), is a recently launched global equities managed account provider headed by Michael Leonard.  EPM aims to provide clients with diversification and long-term capital growth through ownership of a portfolio of global equities. EPM’s core client offering is a managed account which mirrors the EPM Global Equities Portfolio. A managed account offers clients direct ownership of their investments, distinguishing it from funds which pool client investments.

EPM’s investment philosophy rests on identifying and understanding change. EPM focuses on those companies best positioned and prepared for change and invests in those undervalued by the market.

Sophie Grace Pty Ltd assisted EPM in successfully obtaining an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) that allows EPM to provide financial services to clients, primarily through managed accounts for wholesale clients.

“There is no doubt that Sophie Grace is a wonderful business partner for a firm of any size. I cannot recommend them more highly”.

If you’d like to know more about EPM please visit their website epm.com.au or feel free to contact us for an introduction.

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