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Alicia Pevely – General Manager

Alicia Pevely is the General Manager here at Sophie Grace.

If we had to describe Alicia in a few words, we would say she:

  • is kind;
  • laughs easily; and
  • is very organised.

Alicia’s Journey to Sophie Grace

As a child, Alicia wanted to be a teacher, but as she grew older (and after watching a lot of Law and Order) she decided to become a lawyer.

“I knew what I wanted to do from the time I was 16 and did my law degree straight out of school. I initially thought I wanted to be a criminal lawyer and then after some interesting (and eye opening!) experience, I decided criminal law wasn’t for me. When Sophie offered me the role at Sophie Grace, it was a bit of a change from where I thought I would practice law, but I quickly realised it was a great role with varied challenges and huge scope to develop my knowledge and expertise.”

How lucky are we that Alicia decided to come to Sophie Grace. We couldn’t have found a better person for the role; Alicia provides invaluable mentoring and guidance to the team.

Alicia’s Role

Alicia has been with Sophie Grace since 2012. She has extensive experience in relation to financial services law, consumer credit law, regulatory matters and ASIC investigations. As General Manager, Alicia has oversight of all licence applications and provides advice and support in relation to more complex applications. She assists clients in maintaining their licences and works to develop new documentation in response to changes to the regulatory regime.  Alicia also drafts and advises on a range of legal agreements and disclosure documents for a variety of financial services and credit licensees.

Alicia has been a member of the judging panel of the prestigious accountantsdaily Accounting Awards in 2018/2019 and 2021.

Alicia explains, “everyday at Sophie Grace is different. We meet with a lot of different people wanting to establish businesses in various areas of the financial services industry – it’s interesting and challenging.”

Away from the Office

Alicia loves to spend quality time with her family. At Sophie Grace we believe that having a work life balance is one of the most important keys to life, no matter what you do for a living.

Outside of the office, Alicia spends her time running around after her very energetic son and adorable daughter. She often spends her free time at the beach, cooking and enjoys Pilates.

Fun Facts

Alicia loves coffee and says she struggles to start the morning without one.

As a result of repeated requests from her husband, Alicia now enjoys watching a game of NBA basketball, although she doesn’t play!

Alicia likes the idea of being in nature but not the actual practice of being in nature. She has an irrational fear of bugs, insects, lizards and any small things that move.

Best Piece of Advice

 “Listen more than you talk, be kind and work hard.”

If you would like to work with Alicia, get in touch today.

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