New dating app launching soon

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An exciting new mobile application called “Lovedin” has been developed by our client Amy Robinson. Lovedin dating is an android app designed to bring people together in the real world.

Sophie Grace assisted Amy Robinson with her business establishment and terms and conditions for her website.

Lovedin is the only app in Australia that guarantees you’ll go on real dates, in the real world. The research Amy did to make the ERA Matchmaking algorithm which drives Lovedin was based on statistics from an Australian Bureau Statistics report. This report along with some other supporting evidence shows that most long lasting couples in Australia share three similar characteristics – education, religion and age.

Amy is a woman who just loves love. The idea for Lovedin came about when a number of people in her life complained how hard it is to find people who actually want to meet in the real world.

Lovedin was designed by a woman with professional women in mind. All members must have a Linkedin account, which goes a long way to verifying they are real people with a job. Safety is important so there is a feature to report any inappropriate behaviour and, most importantly, users must be ready to set a date within ten days of finding a match.

“Sophie Grace has been very supportive and provided the right advice for my start-up. I am now a registered company and have the correct terms and conditions in place to protect the business and its users.”

lovedIN_new 1 will be available to download in Google Play soon.

More information on lovedIN_new 1 is available at


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