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Getting Started with Sophie Grace Legal

Sophie Grace offers legal solutions for your business needs. We can help you deal with issues, provide effective advice and prepare and review the relevant legal documentation. 

Read below to get more information on how Sophie Grace Legal can assist in providing legal services.

Corporate and Commercial

Sophie Grace has valuable experience which can assist you in relation to all our general corporate and commercial legal needs.

Sophie Grace can advise and assist on:

  1. The business startup process;
  2. Establishing an appropriate business structure;
  3. Obtaining the correct documentation for your business whether it be in the Corporate and Commercial area, Funds Management or Financial Services industries;
  4. The sale of your business and any licences held, or the purchase of a business and any licences held; and
  5. The drafting and/or negotiating of legal documentation in connection with setting up and running your business.

Financial Services

Sophie Grace Legal can offer legal solutions for a range of financial service businesses.

Upon obtaining your AFSL to operate a financial services business, there are a range of legal documents, legal advice and other legal services you may require. Sophie Grace Legal has experience with a variety of different types of licensees and can assist you to implement the appropriate legal disclosure documents for your business.

Funds Management

Funds management is one of the most dynamic components of the Australian financial services industry.

We are passionate about assisting you to achieve your commercial objectives in regards to operating a Fund (retail and/or wholesale) and Shares or Debentures.

Sophie Grace is able to assist you in starting up a fund that suits your particular circumstances and to provide you with appropriate referrals (in accordance with our no-commissions policy) to coordinate all of the appropriate elements. We can also assist with ongoing fundraising and other requirements.

Fintech Regulation Hub

Financial Technology, more commonly known by the buzzword ‘fintech’, is a broad description of a variety of new technologies and innovations that aim to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.

Although fintech is a relatively new approach, Sophie Grace has been assisting financial services and credit businesses to better understand the rules and regulations that may affect their businesses and the best way to manage them since 2006.

Sophie Grace is equipped to help businesses establish where they fit within the regulatory network and deal with the relevant regulators.

Public Notary Services

At Sophie Grace, we provide a notarial service to our clients in Sydney.

In New South Wales, a public notary is a lawyer who is appointed by the New South Wales Supreme Court under the terms of the Public Notaries Act 1997 and the Public Notaries Appointment Rules 1998.

They are given statutory powers to witness documents, administer oaths and perform a range of other administrative functions, both of a national and international nature.

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