Corporate and Commercial

Sophie Grace has valuable experience which can assist you in relation to all your general corporate and commercial legal needs.

There are a range of requirements when establishing your business in the financial services industry and we can assist by providing general advice and drafting and/or negotiating legal documentation in connection with setting up and running your business.

Establishing your Business

Sophie Grace can assist in the preparation and/or negotiation of:

  • Constitutions;
  • Shareholders Agreements;
  • Subscription Agreements; and
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements.

Ongoing Operation of your Business

Once your business is established, there are further legal documents which may be required. Sophie Grace can assist you in the preparation and/or negotiation of these documents, including:

  • Minutes/Extract Minutes/Resolutions;
  • Management Agreements;
  • Client Agreements; and
  • Leases.

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