A new week means you get to meet another member of the Sophie Grace team. She is one of our new recruits, introducing…


If we had to describe Julie in a few words, we would say she is:

  • Bubbly;
  • Energetic; and
  • Outgoing.

How did Julie end up at Sophie Grace?

As a child, Julie recalls “I always wanted to be Lawyer by day and Commercial Pilot by night… unfortunately, I underestimated how short 24 hours actually was!”

Julie completed a double degree at Macquarie University and undertook her practical legal training at a family law firm. She then worked in commercial litigation support prior to her admission to the Supreme Court in February of this year. Julie says, “Following this, I worked as Junior In-House Counsel in the banking and financial services industry and have now been afforded the opportunity to work at Sophie Grace.”

What steps has Julie taken to get to this point in her career?

Julie says the key is, “A lot of study, hard work and caffeine.”

Some of Julie’s Responsibilities…

Julie works with the Compliance Team with a particular focus on drafting and amending compliance documentation to tailor to our clients’ needs. She assists with AFSL and ACL Applications. Julie also assists the compliance consultants in updating and reviewing compliance programs. Julie works with the Legal Team by assisting in the drafting of various legal documentation and conducting legal research.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of Julie’s role?

Julie says, “I love learning new things, so at this stage I am looking forward to learning more about the financial services area of law.”

Away from the office…

Outside of the office Julie enjoys spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend. Julie thinks it’s important to always be active, she enjoys weightlifting, hiking, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and walking her adorable puppies Rocky and Sheesha.

Fun facts about Julie…

If Julie could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Europe in a heartbeat.

Julie is currently training for an amateur powerlifting competition.

Julie is particularly fascinated with aviation and true crime and as a result watches lots of documentaries.

What’s the best piece of advice Julie has received?

Never compare your life to anyone else’s”.

If you would like to find out more about our services, get in touch with Julie today.

Julie Pourtarvirdi

Julie works with the Compliance and Legal Team with a focus on compliance and legal services. Julie assists with document preparation for participants in the financial services industry and with conducting legal research. Julie assists the compliance team in implementing ongoing compliance support, updating procedural documentation and assisting clients with the preparation of AFSL and ACL applications. Julie also assists in the preparation of legal documentation and legal research. Prior to joining Sophie Grace, Julie worked as an In-House Legal Counsel for a property development company, where she assisted with agreements and contracts, as well as assisting in banking and financial services. Julie has a Bachelor of Arts (Commercial Law) and a Bachelor of Law from Macquarie University. She is admitted as a solicitor in NSW.