Melody Gao – Senior Lawyer

It’s time to meet another member of the Sophie Grace Team. This week we introduce you to Melody!

If we had to describe Melody in a few words, we would say she is:

  • hardworking;
  • understanding; and
  • determined, but also very kind and funny.

How did Melody end up in law and at Sophie Grace?

As a child, Melody constantly changed her mind about what she wanted to do when she grew up. Sometimes she imagined herself as a teacher, nurse, and even gardener but eventually she settled on becoming a lawyer.

“I studied Law and Actuarial Studies at Uni and after five years, I came to the decision that law was the right path for me. After gaining experience in a few different areas of law, I found I enjoyed financial services law and compliance the most – that is ultimately what lead me to this wonderful team.” Melody explains.

We are so glad to have Melody as part of our team at Sophie Grace. She is such a kind and caring team member who is always happy and smiling.

Some of Melody’s Responsibilities…

Melody assists in the preparation, reviewing and negotiating of legal documentation for participants in the financial services industry. She assists clients with developing, reviewing and amending compliance documentation. She also supports the Compliance team with the preparation of AFSL and ACL applications, variations and compliance reviews.

Melody provides ongoing legal support and also assists in implementing ongoing compliance support, updating procedural documentation and preparing compliance reporting for Compliance Committees and Boards of Directors.

What are the Most Enjoyable Aspects of Melody’s Role?

“I really enjoy interacting with a variety of clients. Seeing new ideas and products being brought to life and put to market and standing at the frontline with new financial products is great. Working in a team that is as well-supported and understanding of each other is definitely the best part.” Melody answers.

Away from the office…

Melody spends her time away from the office travelling and enjoying various outdoor activities.

Melody loves to spend quality time with her family and friends. At Sophie Grace we are big believers that having a healthy work/life balance is the key to having a happy and productive office culture.

Fun facts about Melody…

Melody has an adorable Frenchie called Manman which means ‘slow slow’ in Mandarin.

If Melody could travel anywhere in the world she would travel to all the beautiful places she has seen in history books.

Get in touch if you would like to work with Melody.