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ACL Application Starter Pack



These ACL Application Starter Packs include the following Core Proof templates required by ASIC for your ACL Application:

Available for Credit Providers, Credit Assistance Providers and Debt Management Licences.

The Summary Business Description Template will assist you in preparing the Business Description Proof required for an ACL application with ASIC. This template will guide you in meeting ASIC’s requirements for the document, including an overview of your organisation as well as the proposed credit products and/or services you intend to provide. This document is similar to a business plan and provides ASIC with a summary of your business and as well as details of how you will operate the business in practice. This template has been developed to meet the ‘business description’ requirements as outlined in ASIC Regulatory Guide 204.

The Table of Organisational Competence Proof is a thorough template which creates an outline of your Responsible Manager’s experience in order to demonstrate to ASIC that your appointed Responsible Manager possesses the appropriate knowledge, skills and industry experience for the role, as per ASIC Regulatory Guides 204 and 206. It provides ASIC with a summary of the Responsible Manager’s educational qualifications and previous employment history.

The Summary of Compliance Arrangements template demonstrates to ASIC your organisational structure in respect of the implementation of compliance obligations, and the policies and procedures put in place for maintaining compliance with those obligations. This document is not required to be submitted to ASIC with the initial application documents.

BONUS: Sophie Grace’s ACL Pre-Application Checklist will be included free with your purchase to assist you in the initial application process.

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