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AFSL B7 Proof Template – Risk Management System Statement



This template is a B7 proof document which describes the strategy of integrating a risk management system into business operations. This template includes a diagram illustrating your risk management reporting lines and a description of the frequency and nature of your internal and external risk review/audit processes.

This proof also includes a table describing the main risks your business will face focusing on risks that adversely affect consumers or market integrity. The table includes details of:

  • the risks you have identified;
  • how they will arise;
  • their likelihood;
  • their potential impact;
  • measures you have in place to deal with these risks (i.e. to monitor, mitigate and manage the risks); and
  • the person responsible for managing each risk.

Included along with this B7 Proof is the Risk Assessment and Management Matrix. This template is a detailed Risk Assessment and Management Matrix which will allow your firm to assess it’s overall risk.

These templates have been developed to meet the standards required in Section 912A of the Corporations Act and outlined in ASIC Regulatory Guide 3 and 104.

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