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Meet the team – Sophie Gerber

Welcome back to Meet the Team Monday. Today we introduce you to the one and only…


If we had to describe Sophie in a few words, we would say she is:

  • Hardworking;
  • Compassionate; and
  • Determined.

The Story Behind Sophie Grace

When Sophie was younger, she wanted to be a journalist and/or work in fashion. She studied a dual degree of Commerce and Law at The University of Sydney. During her time at university, Sophie recalls, “a family friend gave me some casual work at a variety of banks and other financial institutions, so I really just fell into it”.

In 2009 she started Sophie Grace and has been working hard ever since to build the business into what it is today. #BossLady

Sophie says, “I enjoy meeting new people and helping them get their business up and running through AFSL and ACL applications, maintaining their business and hopefully growing it into a great success (we’ve had a few!) is great. When we help save a business from a regulatory investigation or other precarious situation it feels very rewarding at the end, as even though it’s finance, there’s still real people and their lives involved.”

Outside of the Office

Outside of the office, you will usually find Sophie learning to play tennis, walking or skiing (when possible). She also reads a lot of books, plays the piano and sees her friends as much as possible. 

If Sophie could go anywhere in the world, you would find her on a long train journey across some countries she hasn’t been to before and looking for unique ways to get between two places to avoid taking airports and planes.

Fun Facts

  • Sophie is the eldest of 4 sisters; 
  • Sophie plays the piano; and
  • Sophie doesn’t have a TV in her house, she spends her free time reading a lot of books.


Sophie says, “I’m not sure about the best piece, but I’m constantly on the lookout for good advice.  Each time and situation has its own challenges and you have to keep evolving and adapting.”

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