Viridios Capital Pty Ltd Receives Final AFSL from ASIC

Earlier in the year, Sophie Grace assisted Viridios Capital Pty Ltd (“Viridios Capital”) to obtain an Australian Financial Services Licence (“AFSL”) to invest and manage capital in the sustainability and carbon offsetting sphere. The AFSL application was lodged with ASIC in March 2020 and approved in August 2020.

The granting of Viridios Capital’s AFSL has allowed the company to allocate investment capital to carbon finance projects that have been accredited and verified to be compliant with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Viridios Capital manages investments in well-researched primary level projects, and purchases of carbon offsets in the secondary markets. Viridios Capital’s overarching mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption of the SDGs.

We asked Mr Eddie Listori (“Mr Listorti”), the CEO of Viridios Capital, about his experience working with us. Mr Listori explained “mandating Sophie Grace was the right decision, we were successfully granted our AFSL from ASIC because of the experience of the team. The process turned out to be cost effective and reasonably swift.” Mr Listori “found the team very responsive, professional and helped guide our responses to ASIC for our AFSL application in the most efficient manner”. Lastly, when asked whether the team at Viridios Capital would recommend our services to others we were happy to hear that they already have recommended us.

If you would like to know more about Viridios Capital Pty Ltd, please contact Sophie Grace directly for an introduction.

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